Pylia, the area around Pylos, is one of the most beautiful and rich in historical and natural monuments areas of the Peloponnese. The entire area around the Navarino Bay and the Gialova lagoon is full of ancient monuments, fortifications and historical sites. Behind the historic scenery, mountains, waterfalls and endless beaches complement the natural setting of the area. Meanwhile, Pylia offers a unique range of services and infrastructure, both in the accommodation and catering sector – here are some of the most famous hotel in the country – as well as proposals for seaside and mountain activities. To enjoy this richness, several small walks and easy bike rides offer visitors the chance of another acquaintance with the landscape.


Trifylia is a municipality in the Messenia regional unit, Peloponnese, Greece. The seat of the municipality is the town Kyparissia. The province of Trifylia (Greek: Επαρχία Τριφυλίας) was one of the provinces of the Messenia Prefecture. Its territory corresponded with that of the current municipality Trifylia and the municipal units Dorio, Eira and Nestoras. The province was founded in 1833, comprising the northern part of the newly formed Messenia Prefecture.