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Kalo Nero
Viewing the Ionian Sea this little seaside village is a beautiful summer destination with amazing natural beauty. In this place you will enjoy the endless coastline where the protected species of Caretta-Caretta turtle nest every year in order to reproduce. More and more hotels appear in this little village as a result of its popularity that is growing year by year. It is an ideal destination for the whole family and for those who love relaxing holidays by the sea. The endless beach of Kalo Nero is also ideal for those who love water sports. The village is a good starting point to visit some of the most important historic monuments and beautiful beaches of Messinia.Kalo Nero beach is the star! The beach extends up to 14km and is covered by sand and pebbles. Enjoy the beautiful crystal clear water while you swimming or doing water sports.

Kyparissia, the capital of the municipality Trifylia, is the third largest city of Messenia after Kalamata and Messene. It is built at the foot of Mount Egaleo and reaches to the coast of the Ionian Sea. It is divided in the old Ano Poli, which is a traditional preserved settlement and in Kato Poli, the modern, which reaches to the sea. The trademark of Kyparissia is its Byzantine castle, at the top of Ano Poli, which stands today as a magnificent and attracts many visitors. The new part of Kyparissia has excellent layout and has all the facilities of a modern city. It is a commercial and tourist center with the beach of Ai Lagoudis , honored by blue flag, in front of the city, with a range of accommodation, restaurants, cafes and bars that make it a good choice for holidays or trips. In Kato Poli, you will see little traditional elements, which they are concentrated, and the above, in the preserved settlement of Ano Poli.