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Kapsia Village

Kapsia is situated in a valley east of the Mainalo mountains, at 700 m elevation. It is mostly known for the village church of Saint Nicholas, donated by the Moscow Patriarchate, and the cave of Kapsia which was explored in 1892 by the Greek engineer N.-A. Sidéridès and the Frenchmen Ch. Gadouleau and J. Valiche. The Cave of Kapsia is situated 1 kilometer from the village Kapsia, at the southwest edge of the plain of ancient Mantineia. It is part of a system of active and inactive sinks. In front of the entrance are three sinks. Inside the cave human bone material has been found, according to some researchers from people who drowned during floods in the cave. The cave was used by man during the Neolithic, Hellenistic period and the fourth to sixth century AD. The Cave of Kapsia holds a wealth of colourful large stalactites and other sinter formations of wonderful beauty. This unique piece of natural art elates the visitor with dazzling colours of teal, blazing red and ocre, mixed with brilliant white.

Hotel Kaltetziotis is in Kapsia village.