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North Messinia
North Messinia is a Greek prefecture located in the southwest side of Peloponnese. It is surrounded by the river Neda (north side), a location all visitors in Messinia visit. In the Neda Gorge the water follows a path of natural wealth of 32 km and finally reaches to the Ionian Sea, at Elea location, just outside Kyparissia. Apart from the beauty of the sea, a beautiful mountain appears at its eastern slopes, which “protects” this beautiful river, Neda, and is the only river having a female name in Greece. Many are they who want to “taste” its untouched natural beauty. Hikes are frequently organized there having as a starting point one old stone bridge.

Ambeliona is a Village in Ira in Messinia in the Peloponnese Region of Greece. Ampeliona has many chestnut trees and roaring streams that are calming and soothing even the most troubled souls. A walk around the village will leave you relaxed and refreshed, making it the perfect destination for those that want to avoid very crowded places and enjoy the beauty of the nature.

Hotel Abeliona Retreat is in Ambeliona village.