Oitilo | Karavostasi | Limeni | Areopoli & Diros transfers

Oitilo is located 11 Km from Areopoli and 82 Km from Sparti and it is the hub transport for the area. It is a traditional village with long history, situated on the place of the ancient city as mentioned by Homer. The Church of Saint George and the Monastery of Dekoulon with frescoes since the 18th century, are worth a visit. Not far away from Itilo (2 Km) is Neo Oitilo, next to Limeni bay with a beautiful beach.

The beautiful coastline county of the Municipality with the central Port, which accommodates holiday boats. Opposite Plitra and before cape Xili comes the county of Karavostasi with the exceptional traditional rock buildings and fish taverns.

Hidden away in the unique region of Mani in Peloponnese, Limeni is a literally coastal village. Traditional and preserved by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture is a place where history, breathtaking views, natural beauty, inviting sparking deep blue seawaters, traditions, stone made tower houses dating from the 18th century literally hanging over the rocks on the shoreline, hills, mountains, and so many original tastes combine harmoniously together. Located minutes away from Areopolis and Gythio and in close proximity even to Kalamata is a favored destination among those who know and search the real spirit of Greek hospitality.

Areopoli (72 Km south of Sparti) has an austere look and plenty of towers and churches. Its name (the Town of Ares, ancient god of war) was bestwoed for its efforts in the War of Independence. The town’s sights are plenty such as the Church of Taxiarhon (17th century) in the town centre with the medieval look and beautiful frescoes, Pikoulakis Tower,Mavromihalis Tower and the Pirgos (Tower) of Biroulakaou and Pikoulaki.

Driving south from Areopoli, it is 8 Km to the village of Pirgos Dirou, where the road forks off to the underground caves. The caves are 4Km further on from the main village, set beside the sea and a small beach. Glifada Caves are well-lit and crammed with stalactites where reflections are remarkable. Alepotrypa Caves are huge chambers in which excavations have unearthed evidence of prehistoric occupation. The caves are among the most important natural sites in Greece and with great archaeological significance.