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Plepi Beach
The area of Plepi is a settlement of Ermioni 13 km east of Thermissia village. Plepi counts as one of the top beaches in Ermioni for its sandy shore and crystalline waters. It is usually quiet, ideal for relaxing and strolling around in solitude. Moreover the beach is not organized. The inhabitants of these areas are still engaged agriculture and fishing, and a few of them in tourism. So, if you decide to spend the whole day there you’d better take provisions.
Located in the picturesque village of Thermissia, to the east of Ermioni, the lagoon took its name from some hot springs that existed in the area. The Greek traveler Pausanias mentions a temple dedicated to Demeter Thermasia. This magnificent lagoon was used as a salt lake during the Venetian occupation and in modern times it hosted fish hatcheries. Today, it is of one of the most significant habitats in the region and it has been integrated in national and international protection networks; namely the European network CORINE BIOTOPS. The rare species that seek refuge in the site are protected under the European directive 79/409 and the Bern Convention. Thermissia lagoon is an important habitat of rare migratory birds, thousands of which visit the lagoon every year; herons, Gull-billed Terns (Gelochelidon nilotica), starlings (Sturnus vulgaris), glossy ibis (Plegadis falcinellus), the great egret (Egretta alba) and numerous other species. It is a serene and unique lagoon surrounded by a breathtaking landscape.
Hotel Barcelo is in Plepi-Thermissia.