Portoheli transfers

Porto Heli

The cosmopolitan Porto Heli, built on the ruins of the village of Alieon, got its name from its older inhabitants that were Haustellum brandaris fishermen and craftsmen in the treatment of the purple dye. Signs of the beautiful history can be seen at the Acropolis of Alieon and on the sea floor from the remains of ancient walls and colonnades of the Temple of Apollo. Today this long history blends harmoniously with the comforts and facilities you can enjoy in this beauty unsurpassed natural landscape, which is also one of the most famous and cosmopolitan tourist resorts of the Peloponnese with many famous people having built here homes or country homes.

Engulfed with nature and clear seas and accompanied by luxury hotels and recreational facilities, Porto Heli promises you unforgettable moments during your stay.Amazing beaches in the city and in nearby areas, fully equipped, not only provide swimming, walks and daydreaming but also all kinds of water sports. Even if you’re not a fan, here you will be tempted to experience the seas extreme side. If you prefer quieter beaches, then small and untouched corners between the large beaches offer you what you seek.All these beaches, the old preserved houses and the lush harbor with moored ships, yacht and boats give you the feeling that you are at one of the famous resorts of the Atlantic. The frequent boat routes with the Saronic Gulf and Athens provide comfort and selection for your summer vacation seducing the most demanding tourists.