Vounaria | Hotel Camvilia transfers

Vounaria is a coastal village in the prefecture of Messinia and is located southwest, built on an arcuate series of lush hills. From these hills, the knolls, the village took its name. It is said that at the place where lies today Vounaria, were built the ancient Kolonides, while at the top of the mountain in Vounaria was the ancient temple of Poseidon. What gives special beauty to the village of Vounaria is the traditional color. The houses are almost all made of brick with balconies and roof tiles. The village church, the Church of the Annunciation, is built of stone, in Byzantine style. From Vounaria you can go to the crowded Peroulia beach and the less known and secluded one Kolonides beach.

Hotel Camvilia is in Vounaria village.