Covid-19 protection measures for Trigilidas travel

TRANSFER SERVICES By Trigilidas travel informs that in implementation of the measures according to the National Organization of Public Health (EODY) regarding issues related to coronavirus COVID-19, takes immediate precautionary measures to protect customers, suppliers, partners and employees. with the aim of preventing them and contributing to the disruption of the virus transmission chain and the preservation of Public Health.

Specifically, our company carries out meticulous cleaning and special disinfection of its privately owned buses. TransferServices By Trigilidas travel has already issued the relevant instructions for the prevention and protection against coronavirus based on the directions received from EODY to all employees – drivers involved in the transport of persons.

In addition, it is already in the process of supplying the buses with antibacterial materials (special wipes, gel) which are available in each bus for all its customers. In addition, a Crisis Management Plan has been organized for customers and employees of TrasferServices By Trigilidas travel headquarters and branches. Prioritizing the safety of our customers, our employees and our families, we have implemented procedures very quickly that allow us all to work smoothly and remotely. As of today, most of the TransferServices By Trigilidas travel team works remotely, as we operate with the least possible security personnel.

ALL TOGETHER to help break the transmission chain of the Covid-19 virus with the aim of safeguarding Public Health that will allow us in the future development and economic strength of our society !! and do not forget our temporary but very important motto… ..WE STAY HOME STAY SAFE !!