Epidavros (Ancient Theater) transfers


The historic, authentic, and full of beauty, land of Epidavros, is set among lush green pine trees that reach the beach. Palaia Epidavros, built amphitheatrically between two peninsulas, offers a magnificent view of the sea, while Nea Epidavros is built on the slopes of mount Akros, overlooking a charming bay. Come and live the magic of the theatrical plays held in the world famous ancient theater located only a few kilometers away. From whichever direction you come to Epidavria earth will be enchanted by the beauty of natural that magnetizes for centuries men and gods. Mountains and sea blend harmoniously, giving you inspiration for composition of excellent works. Of exquisite beauty, Ancient Epidaurus is the seductive Siren of the Saronic Gulf. It is built amphitheatrically on the ruins of an ancient city nestled between two natural peninsulas. Piney slopes overlook the magnificent picturesque harbor with its lighthouse descending to the water to cool off and to see up close the fishing boats and beautiful and full of goodies taverns. A historical city, with a long story reveals its wealth step-by-step. Beloved place for artists and celebrities, it constitutes an ideal tourist destination.