Vytina transfers


Vytina lies in a valley at the foot of Mount Mainalo, at an altitude of 1.033 meters. It has an excellent climate and it’s a very popular winter holiday destination. It’s a bustling, scenic village with an excellent tourism infrastructure and exceptional local products (dairy, pasta, honey, wooden carvings), constituting an ideal holiday destination and a great starting point for touring the beautiful mountainous Arcadia. Vytina is very close to the Ski Center of Mainalo, it has a lovely picturesque main square, the impressive church of Agios Tryfonas, a renowned Forestry School and an interesting Folk Art Museum. There are many notable nearby destinations that surely worth a visit, like Methydrio, Pyrgaki, Elati, the historic Alonistaina, ancient Orchomenos and the Monastery of Agioi Theodoroi.