Stemnitsa | Dimitsana transfers

Stemnitsa is one of the most beautiful and historical villages in the prefecture of Arcadia, and is located between Dimitsana and Karytaina. The village is built onto the slopes of Mount Mainalo, near River Lousios, ancient Gortyna and numerous renowned monasteries amidst cherry, walnut and plane trees. The stone tower houses, the rivers and springs, the delicious local pastries, the unique natural beauty, as well as the modern tourism infrastructure make Stemnitsa the ideal destination for winter or summer holidays.The many arched stone fountains, the impressive view from the mound of Kastro, the amazing local sweets (diples, bourekia etc.), the excellent tourist facilities with accommodation and eateries, the stone tower houses, the plentiful waters, everything situated in an area of great natural beauty, between the fir forest and the great sites of Lousios gorge, make Stemnitsa an ideal place to spend your summer or winter holidays.

Dimitsana, imposing and amphitheatrically built at the slopes of Mainalo, about 59 kilometers northwest of Tripolis and surrounded by verdant hillsides, dazzles visitors with its stone houses and cobbled narrow streets, the scenic churches and the Open-Air Water Power Museum, but also with its bridges, springs, mills and the natural beauty of River Lousios that flows nearby. The old mansions, the marble campanile tower, the stone bridges, the fountains, the amazing excursions to the “verdant” monasteries (Old and New Philosophou Monasteries, Monastery of Timios Prodromos, Emiali Monastery), Lousios gorge and the nearby pretty villages Paleochori, Marko and Zatouna, each with its unique beauties and worth-seeing corners, they all comprise a unique experience in Arcadia.