Tripolis transfers


Tripolis (previously known as Tripolitsa and Trompolitsa too) is the biggest city and capital of Arcadia, but also the Seat of the Peloponnese Prefecture. It is situated at a 660 meters altitude and is surrounded by thickly wooded mountains on all sides, the tallest and closest of which is Mainalo Mountainsto the northwest. The city is a creation of the Modern times. The first reference to the name of Tripolis is being made in 1467, while it was known as Tripolitsa or Ntropolitsa, this toponym has transformed gradually over the years. Its main plazas are aligned with the main street and with a highway linking to Pyrgos and Patras. One of them is named Kennedy, the other is named George II. The main section of the city is enclosed around the castle walls that were built during the Ottoman occupation of Greece. An industrial park has been built in the southwest.