Kardamyli | Stoupa | Agios Nikolaos transfers

Τhe beautiful seaside village, Kardamyli is in a magnificent natural landscape full of contrasts, 38km  away from Kalamata. It owes its ancient name to cresses (“cardama” in Greek) of the area. The stone built town of strictly traditional architecture with tile roofs and towers, is built on a sheltered cove at the foot of the Taygetos. The dense olive groves alongside the crystal blue water, the green hills with majestic cypress trees over distant snowcapped mountains and breathtaking sunsets of the Messinian Bay compose a theatrical scenery.

Stoupa that is also called fairy of Messinian Bay for the exceptional beauty of the natural landscape, is a newly constructed settlement that was evolved rapidly into a famous tourist resort. The original name was Potamos, but it was renamed Stoupa by the rags (“stoupia”) that locals put in the sea to get soften and process them easily. Stoupa has become globally famous for its two beautiful beaches, the beach of Stoupa right in front of the village and the beach of Kalogria. The two picturesque, shallow, sandy and organized beaches with clear waters attract visitors from all parts of the world.

Agios Nikolaos
The picturesque port of Agios Nikolaos, in the area of Mani in Messinia is a charming destination that offers pleasant moments of relaxation. You can find good food in traditional taverns and restaurants but also accommodation in hotels.