Monemvasia transfers

Unique, defeating the passage of time, a breathtaking picture at the eastern coast of Laconia, combining the Myrtoon Sea, the medieval, Byzantine and Venetian fortress-town of Monemvasia perched on its distinctively shaped rock, attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Access is by land, by following the Sparta-Molaoi road to the south-east, or by sea, by the ship of the line linking Piraeus with the South Peloponnese, Kythira and Kasteli, or by flying dolphin, or by private yacht, since the harbour is one of the safest. Monemvasia is 95km from Sparta.

Monemvasia occupies a steep, rocky islet connected to the Laconian coast by a bridge. The rock on which it is built, 300m. high, is connected to the coast by means of a low bridge. Nea Monemvasia, the new city across from the fortress-town, is modern and full of vitality year-round, offering all tourist facilities by the seaside.